We look forward to providing therapy to families and couples when
faced with challenges such as separation/divorce, family conflict,  
trauma/grief/loss/illness, relocation, job loss, parenting/discipline
challenges, drug/alcohol abuse of a loved one, communication
struggles, anger management, trust issues, marital/relationship conflict,
as well as many other issues.  Just as therapy can be helpful to an
individual, it can also be very helpful to your family.  Family therapy
can often be combined with individual therapy to aid in the overall
health of the individual and the family unit.

During family therapy sessions, family interaction and communication
as a whole will be explored.  Sides will NOT be taken. We may act as a
"mediator" and we will make comments and suggestions intended to
help family members become more aware of patterns and roles within
the family unit.  We may also suggest that your family engage in
role-playing or meaningful family activities to increase family cohesion
and to develop increased awareness of family dynamics and
communication.  Our role as a therapist varies depending on your
family's dynamics and unique needs.  The goal of family therapy is to
help family members improve communication and dynamics, manage
problematic behaviors, increase awareness and family cohesion, solve
family problems, understand and handle special family situations, and
create a better functioning home environment.
Couples and Families