Are you experiencing problems with depression, anxiety, mood swings,
anger?  Are you having difficulty managing the stress in your life or
dealing with grief, trauma or loss?  Are your children struggling at
home or in school?  Are your relationships suffering?  Have you
reached a point in your life where change is necessary?  If your answer
to any of these questions is yes, please know that you are not alone.  It
takes courage and strength to admit that help is needed and to accept
that a change needs to happen in your life.  

Harnett Counseling Services is here to help.  Our trained clinical staff
can help you find the confidence, courage and strength needed to
move your life in a more positive direction. We offer a combined total
of 40+ years of mental health experience and a compassionate, caring
style that begins with listening carefully to the issues and together
deciding upon goals for therapy.   Harnett Counseling Services is ready
to help you with your counseling needs.

Harnett Counseling Services is a private agency providing counseling
services to the citizens of Harnett County and the surrounding area.   
Harnett Counseling Services was opened in the wake of mental health
reform to insure that members of the local community have a quality
resource available to them in the immediate area to meet their
counseling needs.  The company is locally owned and operated by
Melissa (Lisa) McGee, a lifetime resident of the community.  We
provide counseling to children, adolescents, adults, couples and